Toronto Mediation Services

Upper Canada ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) provides arbitration and mediation services in Toronto and across North America to help businesses, corporations, boards, families and couples resolve their disputes. Our clients include lawyers, CEO's, boards of directors and private equity sponsors.

Prolonged conflicts can be damaging to businesses and organizations. When you are embroiled in a dispute, you can't focus on making your company as successful as possible. Litigation can lead to costs that just keep piling up as the process drags on, and going to court makes your conflict a matter of public record.

Using the services of experienced mediators to end your dispute can save your company the extensive costs of ongoing court battles and bring your conflict to a relatively swift settlement. Mediation services can offer the flexibility necessary for your unique situation, provide a mediator who is agreeable to all parties, and reduce your stress by eliminating the complexities of litigation. Mediators also maintain strict confidentiality.

Mediation is also appropriate for settling family disputes and divorces. Save everyone the stress and expense of an ongoing conflict by letting a mediator with expertise in dispute resolution find a solution that satisfies everyone involved.

Our Practice

Upper Canada ADR has assisted in the resolution of disputes worldwide. Our office is located in Oakville, Ontario, and we provide management consulting and mediation services in Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax and the United States.

In addition to facilitating dispute resolution through mediation and arbitration, we also provide management consulting services in the areas of strategy formulation, strategic thinking and implementation.