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Bruce Arians is a huge Matthew Stafford fan

If, for some reason, quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t return to the Buccaneers in 2021 and coach Bruce Arians does, Arians apparently would be interested in Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. Although

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Scientists discover a new type of brain cell that could help detect distance

The existence of GPS-like brain cells, which can store maps of the places we’ve been, like our kitchen or holiday destination, was already widely known, but this discovery shows there

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Buzz Aldrin’s boyhood home up for sale; local architect eyes it for museum

Only 12 men have ever walked on the moon – and one of them grew up in Montclair, N.J. Now the boyhood home of Apollo 11 astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin

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GameStop is refunding copies of Cyberpunk 2077, even if they’ve been opened

The epic disaster that is Cyberpunk 2077’s launch continues. GameStop has become the latest company to fully refund consumers who bought physical copies of the game, even if they’ve been

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Suicides among British troops more than double in decade with 17 this year alone

Suicides among British troops have more than DOUBLED in a decade, new figures reveal. Serving members of the armed forces are now killing themselves at a rate of more than

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